Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Future of Packaging

Imagine an item like a pre-boxed bottle of cologne. Now imagine a machine pushing the cologne into a thin plastic tube, removing the air from inside of the tube, and then sealing both ends. The cologne is now in an airtight seal. Now the same plastic tube, which is still attached to the package, will return to its origin. You now have a sealed package in a bag. Blow some air into the bag and seal the opening (to the first end of the package). You now have a sealed package 'floating' in the center of an air-filled tube/pillow. The exterior of the plastic tube (interior of bag) could be bubble wrap so it still protects the product if the air-filled tube breaks open during shipment. Depending on the strength of the plastic.. You may be able to ship it in this without the use of a box. This could save millions in unneeded shipping costs (boxes, packing peanuts, etc.) and it's simple enough that every post office could have one behind the counter. 

I put this in my "shipping suggestions" in a survey that Amazon emailed me.