Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Future of Ambulances - Concierge Mechanic

Imagine never having to worry about your car's tire pressure, oil changes and other various fluids ever again. Imagine being able to simply open an app when you need a locksmith, roadside assistance (emergency gasoline, a tire changed, a tow truck*, etc.), and other non-evasive things.

We the people should be able to have our oil changed and tires aired up at our homes and/or workplaces at scheduled times. We should be able to receive roadside assistance by simply opening an app on our phones. I'd totally pay $30 a month to not have to think about changing my oil or filling my tires up with air. The safety net would be complimentary peace of mind that I'd likely never take advantage of. Limiting the safety net to 2-3 times a year would be completely understandable.

The coolest part would be getting my car serviced without stress. I should be able to subscribe to this service, receive a quick inspection within a week of signing up, and then receive a complimentary checkup (oil change, fluid and tire check, etc.) every three months.

Food for thought: the parts trucks could be refurbished ambulances painted in such a way that they look as if they're traveling doctors for your car.

*In order to reduce startup costs, a tow truck could be achieved by having a contract with a local tow service.